Cactus Jango - BC Compliant Disposable

Are you looking for an All-in-One vaping device to satisfy all your vaping needs? Well look no further - we've got the   Cactus Jango  disposable Flaving Stix right here!

This disposable Flaving Stix is offered in 20 mg (2.0%)   Bold Salts.

Containing a capacity of 2.0 mL per device, it follows BC Compliance laws and can put out 500 Puffs! On top of that, we've devised a proprietary nicotine blend specially for our Flaving Stix that combines our Freebase and NicSalts to make the perfect nicotine hit in every Flaving device!

Now, the flavor.   Cactus Jango  is one of VanGo Vapes crown jewels. Released in 2017, it came out of a challenge to stand up and be a fruit flavoured vape like no other. Containing unique fruits like   Jackfruit,   Lychee and   Cactus  with popping flavours like   Strawberry  and   Mango, it is an amazingly juicy flavor!

If you'd like to try out the   Cactus Jango  e-juice for your refillable vaporizer, check out the link below:

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