The Root - BC Compliant Disposable

Are you looking for an All-in-One vaping device to satisfy all your vaping needs?

Well look no further - we've got   The Root disposable Flaving Stix right here!

This disposable Flaving Stix is offered in 20 mg (2.0%)   Bold Salts.

Containing a capacity of 2.0 mL per device, it follows BC Compliance laws and can put out 500 Puffs! On top of that, we've devised a proprietary nicotine blend specially for our Flaving Stix that combines our Freebase and NicSalts to make the perfect nicotine hit in every Flaving device!

From day one, our main objective was to create a flavor that not only tasted like what its supposed to, but that truly captured the full-bodied experience that your favourite  Rooty drink provides.

  1. First, we built the   rooty base of the flavor by carefully selecting and balancing   spices  and unique   earth tones in minute amounts.
  2. Then, we endeavored to replicate the sweet   syrupy goodness of the flavor.
  3. Once we got that just right, it was time to blend these two flavor profiles together! We took the   rootiness and the sweetness (which we referred to as dark and light) and combined them. This last phase took the longest because we wanted to ensure we achieved the perfect balance between light and dark.

The result is a beautifully balanced flavor that preserves the earthy authenticity of the flavor yet is also enjoyable to vape   all-day-long.  And yes, we're pretty proud of it!

Unlike many other   rooty flavours,   The Root  is not creamy at all. We were going for a straight up flavour we know you will love so if you want to try it in your refillable vaporizer, check out the link below:

Try   The Root's e-juice here!

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